The Ethernal Elves have peacefully wandered cosmic realms for many many centuries after the Ninth Meta War, an Unknown Species settled on the outskirts of where the Elves call home.
As Elves, we welcomed them with open arms and divided resources to ensure a civil life. As time passed, the Unknown learned our language, stories, and even spells. On a cold winter morning, the Unknown ambushed the homeland with a plan to seal the Elders and attempted to claim the Ethernal Elves' homeland. Before the Unknown came close, the Elders unleashed a forbidden spell to ensure only those with the immortal bloodline can enter the homeland. This weakened the Elders, allowing the Unknown to seal the Elders.
The Unknown fled with our weapons and other valuables. This sacrificial act displayed by the Elders means there is likely much more at risk and the fate of the Ethernal Elves lean upon the Sentinels.


With the Elders being sealed, the Sentinels are tasked with breaking the seal to release the Elders from the spell. In order to do so, the force must grow in numbers and reclaim their valuables.
Once the Sentinels are ready, they will leave the homeland behind and search for where the Elders are sealed. Since the Unknown took all the valuables, they are left with sticks and clubs as weaponry.
Along the way, there are Creatures spawned by the Unknown that block future passage and the Sentinels must slay them before proceeding. When a Creature is slayed, it leaves behind Miren ($REN), the bloodline of the Ethernal Elves, and sometimes, they find weapons hidden. After the Creatures are slain, Sentinels grow stronger and the Sentinels grows in numbers, aiding in the fight.
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