What kind of NFT Project is Ethernal Elves?

Ethernal Elves is an NFT Game where you play to mint and earn new NFTs and in-game utility tokens. We strive to add a unique and fun experience for NFT enthusiasts.

What is on-chain?

Simply put, on-chain is where the NFT and Metadata is stored on the Blockchain, forever, as long as the blockchain exists. As of June 2022, gameplay takes place offchain, while token metadata remains on chain when a player exits the game.

Do the Sentinels have utility?

Yes, the Sentinels will have the ability to receive $REN based on the completion of Campaigns. They will also have the ability to receive weapons. $REN will be used as an in-game token to mint new Sentinels and will be a piece to mint the Elders.

Do the Elders have utility?

Yes, the Elders will have utility that plays a vital piece in the future of the project as it will be to focal point of minting all future collections. They also come will get awakened with all their armor, weapons, and special abilities lost. They will have a long journey to gain their full strength.

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