Genesis Orcs

The EtherOrcs of Valkala have long been a mysterious and elusive race, rarely seen by outsiders. The Orcs are fiercely loyal to their homeland and have long been in search of allies to help them in their struggles.

The EtherOrcs were created by the Elven god, Eir, and given a solemn task - to guard the sacred land of Valkala. For centuries, they watched over the land, protecting it from any and all danger.

Recently, Valkala has come under threat from a powerful and ancient force. The Ether Orcs have been unable to fend off this enemy alone, and have sought aid from the Ethernal Elves. The Elves have agreed to help the Orcs, and in return, the Orcs have pledged their loyalty and service to the Elves.

The EtherOrcs are now working alongside the Elves, protecting the sacred land of Valkala from any and all threats. They are a proud and noble race and are determined to do whatever it takes to protect their home and the people within it.

EtherOrcs Stats

The Gensisis Orcs have made their way from the mountains of Valkala to the shores of the Elven Universe. During their journey, they acquired some new traits:

Strength, Agility & Intelligence. These have been derived from their Zug Bonus and Level during the transition. STI impacts your attack points, health, mana, and energy.

Weapons: Mainhand is now Primary Weapon, Offhand is the Secondary Weapon and Helm is Armor. Each Orc Tier is translated into The Elven scale.

You can check out your new stats in the Orcs section of the Dapp.

EtherOrcs Gameplay

Our Dapp is constantly monitoring the blockchain for Orc transfers. We are currently monitoring the orcs contract and the portal. As long as you are the effective owner of an Ether Orc, it doesn't matter where it sits, on Polygon, in your wallet on Eth or staked in the Orcs contract - you can play with your Orc within the Ethernal Elves Ecosystem.

If there is an issue with syncing, please open a ticket in the EE discord.

EtherOrcs can do the following:

  1. Fight Bosses to earn vaults. Fighting bosses uses energy. Vaults contain resources and artifacts. You need Artifacts to mint new things in the Elvenverse, like Elders or Settlements. Resources can be used to craft items and build your Settlement.

  2. Visit the Sacred Well: The sacred well replenishes your energy and repairs weapons. You can use REN or ZUG here. Your energy expenditure is determined by your Mana and Health Points.

  3. Craft Items: You can craft items that will help you in battle. You need resources for crafting.

  4. Mint Settlements: You can mint Settlements and build settlements on them. You will have Orc settlements to build when they are ready.

  5. Farming: Orcs can farm for ZUG. 4 ZUG + ZugBonus per day. ZUG can only be used within Ethernal Elves and cannot be withdrawn from the game.

pZug Integration

Once pZUG is in the game it cannot be taken out. ZUG earned in game is not an ERC20 Token, it doesn't exist on any blockchain.

You can use pZug within Ethernal Elves in the same way we use REN. You cannot exchange REN for pZUG. You can do this by depositing pZUG into our game contract. The steps are as follows:

  1. Approve our wallet contract to spend your pZug. You need to be on the polygon network to do this. Dont forget to switch back to Eth.

  2. Deposit pZug using our gasless system from the Elven Wallet. Please check out the Elven Wallet section of this guide for more information.

  3. When doing certain actions in the game, you will have a choice to spend REN or ZUG.

  4. While you can technically withdraw ZUG from the game balance, we will limit this initially since we do not have control over ZUG emissions or the ZUG contract.

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