Miren ($REN)

Miren is the bloodline of the Elves and powers the ecosystem of the Elven universe.

$REN the in-game utility token can be used to:

Outside of the game utility exists a liquidity pool set up and run by other players of the community.


Artifacts are the spirit of the Elves which strengthens the Elven universe. With combination of Blood and Spirit, their world can rebuild to be stronger than before.

Once the Elders are released, Artifacts can be used to:

  • Mint new Elders

  • ...and unlock more in-game assets to come

Sentinels will go on Crusades to acquire Artifacts

Elders will go Crusades to acquire Resources, which can be used to mint Artifacts.


Resources will be used to create into Artifacts, Weapons, Armor, and Special abilities


Elves receive strength from the moon and they are able to use $MOON to help with specific actions to improve outcomes and reduction mechanics.

There are three ways you can obtain $MOON

  • Provide liquidity into the Project owned LP

  • Play specific game modes to earn $MOON with Elders

  • P2P Trading

Burning Mechanics

Tokens are typically consumed for gameplay actions by Sentinels and Elders.

Note: Crusade times and Artifacts may vary.

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