Chapter 1: Dawn of the Sentinels

Initial mint of 3,300 Sentinels at 0.08 ETH each, remaining 3,366 Sentinels minted with $REN.

Play, Earn, Upgrade

  • Miren ($REN) - in-game utility token used for minting Sentinels, upgrades, and more
  • Weapons - equipment that increases attack points and speeds up certain game modes
  • Items - one-time use consumables that provide buffs for certain game modes
  • Leveling - increases overall stats of Sentinels

Game Modes for Sentinels

  • Passive - earn $REN
  • Bloodthirst - earn $REN and items
  • Rampage - sacrifice $REN to earn weapons, other rare gear, and level up
  • Crusades - sacrifice $REN to earn Artifacts to mint Elders and future collections
Note: Future Phases may be subject to change

Chapter 2: Release the Elders

Initial mint of Elders by burning Artifacts.

Collect, Customize, Compete

REN is the in-game currency that drives the entire ecosystem and will be needed for majority of the activities.
  • Sacred Well - uses $REN, an in-game utility token used to recharge your Elders to participate in various actions/game modes
  • $MOON - a token used to increase probability and decrease cooldown time in various actions/game modes
  • Weapons - equipment that increases attack points, health, points, mana, and may obtain passive abilities
  • Armor - equipment that increases health points
  • Items - has various buffs which increases attack points, health, points, mana, and may obtain passive abilities.

Game Modes for Elders

Elders can enter:

  • Crusades - Collect Resources and Artifacts
  • Training Grounds- Increases levels and you get to choose which stats you want to increase.
  • Crafting - Use Resources to Craft Weapons, Armor, & Items
  • Battlegrounds - Compete with other players in RTS Games
  • Questing - Use Resources to learn special abilities