Items are consumables that temporarily boost your Sentinel during active game modes.

Items can be acquired in active game modes by rerolling or purchased from the Merchant.


Player pays a fee for a 20% chance to receive a new item for each selected Sentinel.

  • Ethereum gameplay: 0.01 ETH per Sentinel

  • Polygon gameplay: 10 $REN per Sentinel

Available items

Talisman of Enragement

Doubles total attack points

Moon Elixir

Increases HP by 50%

Midas Ring

Doubles rewarded $REN

Spirit Band

Doubles gained levels

Aura of Immunity

Eliminates regeneration

Demonic Rupture

Triples total attack points

Trade Items

You can trade items by selling them to the contract. You can buy items other players have sold. Prices for each item are fixed, however the developers may change this from time to time. The contract will purchase a set maximum number of items.

You cannot buy or sell Demonic Rupture.

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