A Whitepaper Draft has been published in the discord, a full Whitepaper will be released June 21st

Elders Mint

You will need 7 Artifacts to mint 1 Elder, see below for the instructions

Part 1

Make sure you have Artifacts In-game

  1. Go to https://app.ethernalelves.com/play and click on WALLET. A modal will popup and you will see a list of all your resources and tokens.

You will want your Artifacts "In Wallet", see the image in the red rectangle above. If you have not minted yet, please watch this 3 minute video here:


Part 2

2. Go back to https://app.ethernalelves.com/play and click on ELDERS

Enter the amount of Elders you would like to mint. Make sure you have the correct number of Artifacts to mint. Example, if you want to mint 3 Elders, you must have 21 Artifacts, IN-WALLET and NOT IN-GAME. You will know it is in your wallet if you can see it in your Opensea Profile. Important Dates: Elders Mint Date: June 14 2022 at 11PM EST Elders Reveal Date: June 21 2022 at 11PM EST

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