You will need Artifacts to mint your Settlement (Land) and you will need Resources to Terraform your Land. This is a light sandbox experience where you can develop and create the type of land you choose. You will then use the Land you created in future game modes.

There are three ways you can/could have currently acquire Artifacts and Resources

  • Crusades

  • Boss Battles

  • Purchase from the Secondary Market

If you have Artifacts in-game from Crusades or Boss Battle. You must send Artifacts from your Elven Wallet to Web3 Wallet

In Phase 1, you will decide two layers of your land, Primary Biomes and Secondary Biomes.

Primary Biomes (First Layer) – Determines your minerals underneath your land and will require a certain number of Resources. There are Biomes that also create Obstacles that can be strategic in the game setting. Obstacles will make it more difficult or make it impossible to move, build, or attack.

· Coast - Natural Resource

· Desert - Natural Resource

· Dirt - Natural Resource

· Grass - Natural Resource

· Mountains - Obstacle

· Snow - Natural Resource

· Swampland - Natural Resource

· Water - Natural Resource, Obstacle

Secondary Biomes (Second layer) - Will be required to move or will be used as a strategy

· Roads – Are pathways that will allow you to travel. You must have roads to travel across but also means enemies can travel here as well

· Rivers - Are pathways for boats to cross but also an obstacle if enemies don't have a boat

· Trees - Are a natural resource and an obstacle

Final Layer - Will be a layer to build Structures. This will not be available in Phase 1 but will be available in Phase 2 and will involve a Web3 MMO Game Experience.

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