Collect, Customize, Compete

REN is the in-game currency that drives the entire ecosystem and will be needed for majority of the activities.

  • Sacred Well - uses $REN, an in-game utility token used to recharge your Elders to participate in various actions/game modes

  • $MOON - a token used to increase probability and decrease cooldown time in various actions/game modes

  • Weapons - equipment that increases attack points, health, points, mana, and may obtain passive abilities

  • Armor - equipment that increases health points

  • Items - has various buffs which increases attack points, health, points, mana, and may obtain passive abilities.

Game Modes for Elders

Elders can enter:

  • Crusades - Collect Resources and Artifacts

  • Training Grounds- Increases levels and you get to choose which stats you want to increase.

  • Crafting - Use Resources to Craft Weapons, Armor, & Items

  • Battlegrounds - Compete with other players in RTS Games

  • Questing - Use Resources to learn special abilities


pvConstant=200pvConstant = 200
HealthPoints=pvConstant+((classIndex+strength)(strength/10))Health Points =pvConstant+((classIndex + strength) * (strength/10))
Mana=pvConstant+((classIndex+intelligence)(intelligence/10))Mana = pvConstant+((classIndex + intelligence) * (intelligence/10))
AttackPoints=(agility65Attack Points = (agility* 65%) + (strength* 35%)

Energy=HealthPoints+ManaEnergy = Health Points + Mana
  • All actions excluding Crusades will have a 1 minute cooldown time

  • Crusades will have a 48 hour cooldown time

  • Energy Tier heavily affects the game mechanics

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